Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marketing Day - 8 April 2011

Creative and Daring,,no wonder they are the winner of booth competition
 Very successful event! It was very unexpected event that we had organised for this semester. For the first time ever, we managed to organise a Marketing Day of UiTM Johor. We also managed to conduct few events like treasure hunt, seminar/ talk by a guest speaker from public listed company, booth competition and advertisement competition.
Very unexpected no. of crowd and responses received for this event
The Marketing Day event were participated by 22 groups of diploma students that enrolled for MKT243 (Fundamentals of Marketing). Each of the group has to do selling (variety types of product) and set up their own booth. The judges had choosen the winner based on their creativity in decorating the stall/booth and how they apply the 4 P's (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).
 We also managed to get sponsorship from F&N Beverages. Thank you to the lecturers involved and participated in this event.
Students show their talent in operating and organising the booth and event by applying the 4 P's
Among the products that they sold are traditional food, fast food, snack, beverages, fresh flowers, handphone accessories, ladies accessories etc. We can see they are so creative in attracting the customers and promoting the product.
Thank you to the Tuan Pengarah (Rektor UiTMJ) for his support and time
Hopefully, all the students has learnt something from this Marketing Day event. Most of them did not have any working or sales experience. At least, they were exposed to business life and how to manage a small business, although it was only one day event.

Good Luck to all students (especially for MKT243 students ) for this coming final exam...

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