Friday, May 8, 2009

Rojak Ayam

Tasty and Delicious Food at Taman Gelora
3 May 2009 ( Sunday)

After a long journey from Setiu to Kuantan ( we used Jerangau - Jabor highway), few of us decided to stay overnight at Balok, Kuantan. Due to public holiday and long weekend, most of the hotel and resort were fully booked. Finally, we managed to stay at Muara Beach Resort. It is 18 years old resort. Very close to the beach and Balok Beach Recreation Park.

We had our breakfast at the hotel and checked out at 12 noon. Since I've not been to Kuantan for the last two years, therefore, we decided to go to Teluk Cempedak (TC) which is about 22 km from Balok. TC is a bit different now since there are new KFC restaurant which is next to McD restaurant and few small stalls selling handicraft next to Restoran Pataya.

Then, we went to Taman Gelora for lunch. Where else can you order a delicious and tasty Rojak Ayam besides Taman Gelora? Don't forget to order ABC or Lai Chi Kang Sejuk as well.... Unfortunately, the karipap ayam stall is closed on Sunday. But I can still recall the yummy taste of karipap ayam....

Two types of Rojak Ayam i.e. Rojak Ayam with noddles (above pic) and Rojak Ayam without noddles (below).

On our way back to Segamat, I saw these two Pizza delivery boy a.k.a rider at one of the traffic light in Kuantan town. Seems like they are speeding and rushing to deliver the pizza. Yes, it is the best transport that they can use to deliver the product to their customer within time promised. But sometimes, it is a bit risky for these riders especially during rainy day.
But restaurant manager, please ensure that they possess a valid driving licence and do not have any pending summon.
Note marketing-hero: I hope that the outlet manager of Rojak Ayam (or any local food) can have this type of services (upgrade and expand their services) where they can deliver their product from outlet to customer's house... but with the condition that their sales volume is high or selling in large scale, in order to cover the cost of transportation.

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