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Taming Sari Tower
A New Tourist Attraction in Melaka
12 July 2009

Menara Taming Sari which was opened on 18th April 2008 has become another unique attraction for Melaka. The tower is located in Jalan Melaka, Banda Hilir. The vision to built Menara Taming Sari was inspired by Chief Minister of Melaka, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam. The 110 meter viewing tower was designed based on the legendary Taming Sari Keris, used by the Malay legendary warrior Hang Tuah.

Menara Taming Sari was the First Revolving “Gyro Tower” in Malaysia and this title is endorsed by Malaysia Book of Records. Menara Taming Sari started construction in August 2006. The original site for Menara Taming Sari is at the Melaka River Banks but due the recovery of the ancient artifact, the site was moved to Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah tennis court. The tower is built with advanced Swiss technology, and is said to have the ability of absorbing earthquakes measuring 10 richter scales. The air-conditioned viewing cabin will be able to accommodate 66 people at one time.

The admission charges for Menara Taming Sari are:
RM 20 for Adults
RM 10 for Children (under 12 years of age)
However, 50% discount will be given to Malaysia citizenship.

The Menara Taming Sari provides the opportunity for tourists to view the city of Melaka and beyond at a glance; you will see the whole city, the historical sites and other major buildings instantly! You can witness sea activities from the imposing height of 80 meters.

Although this was my first visit to Menara Taming Sari, but it reminds me to this kind of observation's tower in Sentosa Island,Singapore which I had visited in 2007. Most probably, they get the idea from Sentosa Island. The Tiger Sky Tower (previously known as the Carlsberg Sky Tower) is free-standing observation tower on Sentosa. At a height of 110 metres above ground and 131 metres above sea level, it offers visitors a panoramic view of Sentosa, Singapore, and the Southern Islands. On a clear day, the view extends to parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. At ground level, visitors enter a large disc-shaped airconditioned cabin fitted with glass windows all round. The cabin then revolves slowly as it ascends the column of the tower. The cabin has a capacity of 72 visitors. The Sky Tower, Sentosa Island was opened on 7 February 2004.

Skytower- Sentosa Island

As for the tourists, if possible, try to arrange a visit as early as ticket counter open in the morning. It is quite a long queue during weekend or school holiday. Or else, try to visit Menara Taming Sari during weekdays or non-peak hour or period.

Marketing-Hero Note:

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Perhaps, the Melaka State Government should give special discount for students to encourage them to visit Menara Taming Sari and arrange some cultural activities here to promote Melaka as they just celebrated 1st Anniversay of UNESCO World Heritage City

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